About Keith

Many of you may know Keith from his success of the song, ‘Ridin’ With The Legend’ that was released in March 2004. The release of the that title cut and tribute to Dale Earnhardt, has been a phenomenon for Bryant, sustaining airplay on country radio for over 10 months after its release. That airplay coupled with the music video airing on GAC, “Ridin’ with the Legend” became somewhat of an anthem for country enthusiasts and race fans alike. This aided in recognition of the artist “Keith Bryant” and helped to land him into the country spotlight. More recent success has re-surfaced due to the ten year anniversary of Earnhardt’s passing and the opening of the $25 Million Dollar steel Giga-Coaster “Intimidator 305” – that sported the song as eager riders await to take their turn on the tallest and fastest coaster on the East Coast.

Another album titled Live It Slow was packed with 12 songs that varied in style from anything Keith had ever recorded. Country music is constantly changing and with the sound of that album, Keith solidified his spot in the music industry. Live It Slow featured all new material written by several of the most accomplished songwriters in Nashville including Brett James, Jeffery Steele, Stephony Smith, Raymond Davis, Jon Edwards and others.

With the release and success of “Live It Slow” , the single and the album, Keith hit the road , doing what he loves the most, performing live, visiting radio stations all over the country, building relationships with his existing fans, and making some new ones along the way. The single “Beautiful Liar” from the same album followed shortly after.

Now Keith presents “The Note” which was released on Jordash Records early 2011. Reviews have been positive for this single. During a meet and greet the week of CRS, there were even more rave reviews from DJ’s that were allowed a sneak peak of the next release – - if all the tracks prove to be as strong as the first two, this album could very well be the best yet from Keith Bryant.